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Practical Guide to Diabetes Management in Ramadan

01 July 2015


The aim of the practical guide is to assist health care providers, particularly primary care physicians in ensuring safe and optimal management of patients with diabetes during periods of fasting as in Ramadan.

Clinical Questions

This practical guide aims to address the following clinical questions:

1. What are the benefits and risks of fasting?

2. Who are at risk to fast?

3. How to screen and educate patients with diabetes prior to Ramadan?

4. What are the glycaemic targets during Ramadan?

5. How to monitor glycaemia in patients during Ramadan?

6. How to optimise lifestyle and anti-diabetic therapy?

Target Population

This practical guide is applicable to adults with diabetes intending to fast as in Ramadan.

Target Group

This practical guide is meant for all health care professionals involved in the management of patients with diabetes mellitus, both in primary care and hospital care.

Please click here to download the full Guide.

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