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Carrying Cases

03 January 2007
If you have diabetes, you need a lot of supplies to manage it -- especially if you take insulin. There are syringes, insulin bottles, test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, a blood glucose meter...the list goes on.

Of course, you also need to take these supplies with you when you leave home. If you are not content carrying your supplies in a paper bag, a purse, or briefcase, you may be interested in one of the many carrying cases specially designed to transport various diabetes products.

These cases help you organize your supplies for easy access. And some offer additional protection to the products, even if you carry them in a purse or briefcase. Each case listed in this guide is different and fits specific needs.

Before you buy, consider the following:


The cases vary in size, depending on what they hold. So decide what you want to fit in the cases. Some cases will hold only an insulin syringe, or insulin bottles, while others are designed to hold nearly all the supplies you need -- even your blood glucose monitor.

When you choose a case for your blood glucose monitor, however, make sure it is designed to hold your particular monitor. Construction. Most of the cases provide ample protection for your supplies. But some are sturdier than others and are designed to provide greater protection. If you plan to put the case in a briefcase or purse, you may not need as much protection as you would using the case alone.

According to certain manufacturers, some cases have a cold gel-pack and foam insulation to protect insulin from extreme hot or cold temperatures. If you work outside, or want a sturdy case for camping, hiking, or biking, you might consider a case with these features.

Return policy.

Many of these cases can only be purchased by mail. As such, the product you receive may not suit the needs you thought it would. So be sure you can return the product if you are not satisfied.


Prices vary, and the more costly cases generally have more features, are made from better materials, or are constructed more sturdily. Assess your needs so you don't spend your money on something you're not going to use.

You might not need a case that protects your insulin from extreme temperatures if you'll be keeping the case inside your home most of the time. Or you might not want a case that holds a week's worth of supplies if you only have room in your purse or briefcase for a smaller carrying case.

For some, a carrying case might be a luxury and for others, a necessity. The decision is up to you. However, if a case will help and encourage you to follow our diabetes regimen when you're not at home, then maybe it's an investment you can't do without.

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