Our Services

Since July 1994, Diabetes Malaysia Council has been conducting free structured education classes for patients and paramedics. These classes will be a forum for patients and paramedics to up-date themselves with matters on diabetes education, patient care, etc. It is hoped that the participants will impart the knowledge gained to patients, their family members and others with the ultimate objective of improving the standard of patient care in Malaysia.
The more established State Branches organise regular counselling session, public forums and talks and issue publications to its members.

Medical Supplies

Diabetes Malaysia makes available products and equipment used by diabetics such as syringes, needles, blood glucose testing machine and test strips, urine test strips, to its members at prices which are below retail prices.

HBA1c test

(HbA1c) tests can help confirm self-testing results or blood test results by the doctor, judge whether a treatment plan is working, show you how healthy choices can make a difference in diabetes control, & you will feel better.